Colombian handmade bags are designed by the Wayuu tribe of La Guajira, Colombia. Crocheting each bag could take about three to four weeks to complete. They work in close co-ordination with a renowned Colombian team from Riohacha in order to display their precious pieces of Wayuu art to the world.

The history of Colombian handicrafts dates back many years. It is believed that some of the first samples were discovered before Columbus arrived in the Americas.

All Colombian handmade bags are shipped directly from Colombia or USA by secured tracked postage. Guacamaya Tribal provide express services including Deprisa or, DHL to make sure that Colombian handmade bags are dispatched on time.

These bags are solely knitted by women belonging to the Wayuu tribe in Colombia. They are familiarized with the art of knitting from a very young age. This tradition is being followed over many generations. The design of each Wayuu Mochila bag is unique and it narrates a story about the Wayuu culture and history. Some of the authentic Colombian handicrafts are listed below:

  • Colombian Shoulder Bags : –

Wayuu Mochila Handmade Colombian shoulder bag is hand knitted by the indigenous “Wayuu tribe” belonging to Guajira Peninsula, Region of Colombia, South America. These unique handmade bags could take up to twenty four days to complete. One would definitely be enthralled by the design of the handmade handbag.

  • Sombrero Vueltiao : –

Sombrero Vueltiao is a traditional Colombian hat which has been originated from the Zenu indigenous people belonging to the region of the Sinu river delta in the modern departments of Cordoba and Sucre. It is regarded as an epitome of Colombia. They are designed from a type of cane that is confined to the region named Cana flecha.

  • ‘Ruana poncho’ : –

It is a poncho like garment which is made out of wool. It is designed in the department of Boyacá, which is located north of Bogota.

Wayuu tribe from Guacamaya Tribal offers you some of the top quality Colombian handmade bags which are very convenient to handle and use.