Summer in Los Angeles, California is right around the corner, and that means longer days that can include morning yoga, beach bike rides, and evening rooftop pool parties. Your transition from morning beach outings to evening hang-outs can be seamless with the right accessories. Consider a cute, colorful bag that holds all of your summer essentials. Sunblock, towel, sunnies, and healthy snacks— fit it all in the beach Mochila Bag, a beautifully hand-knitted bag by indigenous Wayuu women of La Guajira, Colombia. Additionally, by purchasing a Mochila Bag, you are helping to provide employment to this group of women who spend several days making each one-of-kind bag. The vibrant colors and energetic patterns reflect La Guajira, the Caribbean coast between the Colombia and Venezuela border, where they live.

Wayuu women are cultural leaders in their communities, and knitting skills are passed down from mother to daughter. As girls come of age, their first Mochila bag becomes a symbol of their womanhood, fertility, wisdom, and creativity. Their personal stories and individuality is knitted into each bag, making the Mochila bag a true representation of their unique culture.

Large enough to carry a beach towel, bikini, phone, fruit and sunnies, with a wide strap that feels soft and comfortable on your shoulder, the Mochila bag makes a fashion statement you can stand by.