Claudia who is a native of California traveled through South America and came across an indigenous tribe named ‘Wayuu’. They inhabit the protected desert land between Venezuela and Colombia. During her interaction with the Wayuu people, Claudia decided to share the charm and beauty of their culture and tradition on a larger scale.

Back in the year 2015, she launched “Guacamaya Tribal” with the primary objective to enhance the value of cultures from around the world thereby providing financial support to the indigenous people. Claudia is currently working with the Wayuu in South America with the aim to expand its reach across the globe. Constant attention is paid to production and designing of Wayuu bags to make this traditional product modern and contemporary.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Wayuu is that it is the Wayuu women who are held responsible for the design and production of Wayuu mochila and Colombian handmade bags. Listed below are some of the famous collections of Wayuu handmade bags.

  • Cabo Wayuu Bags – Knitted by two tread count : –

Cabo Wayuu Bags are authentic and handmade Mochilas Wayuu bags which are designed using a crochet and weaving techniques. It is made by hand and it is exquisitely braided.

  • Chica Wayuu Bags : –

Chico Wayuu bags are hand-knitted by a single strand of thread containing intricate designs. It could take about ten to fourteen days to weave. It is one of the types of Bohemian bags which are suitable for any climatic conditions.

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