Wayuu bags


The term ‘Guacamaya’ is a Spanish term which refers to a long-tailed colorful bird known as Macau and it is native to certain parts of South America. It is also commonly found in countries like Mexico, Central America and Columbia.  This majestic bird with its beautiful feathers is often nicknamed as the ‘Macaw Parrot’ in English. This bird is regarded as one of the finest examples of the indigenous products which are carefully hand-knitted by a team of professional artisans and weavers.

Creation and features of Wayuu bags Columbia

The Wayuu bags are designed and developed by a team of highly skilled Wayuu tribes who are residing at La Guajira in Columbia, South America. Each and every product created by the professional artisans of Guacamayatribal is a blend of love, affection along stunning designs and colors. The Guacamaya tribal Imports consider the Wayuu professional artisans as one of their friends and they aim to provide all the necessary support and guidance for these highly skilled weavers.

Mission and Vision of Guacamayatribal

The primary objective of Guacamayatribal is to enable the indigenous people to get easy access to education, financing and infrastructure facilities. The company aims to establish fair trade practices and has a social commitment towards these people. Since Guacamayatribal is working in collaboration with the Wayuu artisans, they are able to focus on a top quality and hand-knitted product.

The company rewards their highly skilled artisans in the form of fair and attractive wages. Their mission is to restore the lost cultural traditions and lifestyles by creating a space for hand-knitted apparels and accessories. As a result, they are creating a permanent solution to improve the quality of life of indigenous Wayuu artisans and weavers.

When a customer is purchasing a certain product from Guacamaya tribal imports, they are assisting in the creation of new jobs and at the same time providing a decent income for the indigenous people living in La Guajira, Columbia.

Guacamayatribal offers only top quality Wayuu bags Columbia at reasonable rates to their esteemed clients.