Do you agree that uniqueness is something that we strive for? Each person wants to be special, different from others. We want to be one-of- a-kind. What would you say if you could also have something that is special and as unique as you?
The one-of-kind Mochila bags are designed and made by artisans of the Wayuu tribe in La Guajira, Colombia. The Mochila bags are hand-crafted and made as exclusive as you. Wayuu bags are not just an accessory to finish your look, but they’re also an expression of your personality, style and mood. It is thrilling to own this beautiful hand-crafted creation, but it’s also inspiring to know the history that reflects this cultural process and its traditions. The patterns used represent cultural events and aspects of the natural world, blossoming from the imagination of the knitter. The pattern she will use on her next creation is never exactly the same.

Do you Feel as Excited as I Do?
I am passionate about what we do and the message we want to share here at Guacamaya Tribal. It is exciting to support such an amazing cause and we want to share it with you and the world. As a fashion lover, the colors and patterns of the Mochila bags are like wearing a piece of art strapped across my body. You can match the bag to any outfit and mood. For those sunny, summer days we have bright and rich colors- blues, yellows and pinks. For a more organic approach, we have beiges, browns, and blacks, representing all that surrounds us in nature. I am so proud to wear my bag, but also to be part of this story. We hope you can be too.