Ask anyone who carries an original mochila why they love their bag, and they will probably list several reasons, from its fashionable color and beautiful pattern, to its durability and roominess. Once you own one of these unique works of art from the Wayuu People  in Colombia, South America, you will also know how wonderful they really are.

  1. UNIQUE COLORS AND STYLES I always take my mochilas with me when I visit the US from Colombia. The bags are practical enough for day and evening, plus they are strikingly unique. I am often stopped by people asking where I purchased my gorgeous bag. Some have never seen such obvious style and quality craftsmanship in a handmade item. They ask to handle it, admire it’s one-of-kind pattern, and remark on the spirited color combinations. (I own two, a vibrant red with a multicolored strap, and a glorious blend of brown, beige, cream and black).
  2. ROOM FOR EVERYTHING I always carry my mochila bag; it’s roomy without being bulky. The mochila can go anywhere, from the gym to the beach, to shopping and dining out. The bags lend themselves to a variety of uses while remaining both practical and stylish. In Colombia, many families use their mochila as a beach bag, carrying everything they need for a day of sun and surf. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, fashionistas carry theirs with plenty of room for purchases. Whatever you decide, rest assured your mochila is the perfect bag, no matter where you go or what you choose to take with you.
  3. COZY AND SOFT, YET DURABLE Knitted with care and precision, my mochila is soft and cozy yet also quite durable, withstanding hours of carrying dozens of items. Handcrafted by the Wayuu people to last for years, the mochilas are malleable yet strong. Each bag is designed to hold items without damaging the knit, and the wide shoulder strap is created to lie comfortably across the body. The mochilas are easy to care for by simply hand-washing in a gentle detergent and air-drying.
  4. A TRUE SYMBOL OF SOUTH AMERICA Mexico has embroidered blouses. Ireland has wool sweaters. Colombia definitely has mochilas, bags synonymous with the vibrant culture that’s made this country a popular tourist destination recently. In addition to my yellow Colombian soccer jersey, my Colombian mochila is an item I always have with me, appearing on my shoulder in photos throughout my travels: from a hike in the Sierra Nevada mountains to a weekend at one of many beautiful beaches along the coast.
  5. OWNING MY BAG HELPS OTHERS Each time I use my mochila, my heart is warmed in knowing that my purchase helped the Wayuu people carry on their tradition of art and culture, which is woven into each unique bag. These hardworking artists are able to provide a quality, original product to customers, while contributing to the livelihood and sustainability of their families, who create the bags for generations to come.