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About Us

Latin American art and culture has been a huge part of our lives for over fifty years. We sincerely believe Latin America has some of the most talented artisans in the world. For years, we have dreamed of partnering with these great craftsmen to allow us to distribute their stunning handmade products to the world and to provide full-time jobs for local artisans. The internet has facilitated that dream. Through our site, we feel we are able to satisfy any shopping wish that you might have in this niche. Enjoy!

About The Guacamaya

The Guacamaya as it is known in Spanish, is a majestic and brightly colored bird that lives most commonly in Mexico, Central America and Colombia. This long-tailed bird with beautiful plumage is better known in English as the Macaw Parrot. We feel it is a natural representation of the indigenous products our artisans and weavers create. The natural beauty and spectacular range of colors of the Guacamaya is what we want our customers to recall when they handle our handwoven tribal merchandise. Thus, our company name: Guacamaya Tribal Imports.

About The Mochila Bag

The creation of our Mochila Bag is a twenty one day journey of organic techniques developed by the Wayuu tribe in La Guajira, Colombia, South America. Our trusted artisans are able to create every piece with a kind of love that tells a story, with beautiful colors and designs that are one-of-a-kind. Guacamaya Tribal Imports sees the Wayuu professional weavers as our friends, rather than employees, and we are pleased to provide an environment that can support and sustain a lifestyle for these skilled workers. In turn, we are honored that our impact extends globally, where the art of the Mochila comes to life in Colombia and is distributed from the United States of America.

About The Wayuu Tribe

The native Wayuu people have historically had limited access to education, financing, and infrastructure.  Our business is defined by our passion and commitment to establish Fair Trade practices and socially responsible commerce among these indigenous people.  Through our practice of working directly with the Wayuu artisans, we are able to focus on a quality, handwoven product, while contributing to the livelihood and sustainability of the communities whose jobs are always at risk. We  compensate our artisans with fair and competitive wages. Our mission is inspired by a need to preserve vanishing cultural traditions and lifestyles by filling a void in the market for handwoven accessories and apparel. By doing this, we are creating a sustainable solution to improve the quality of life for the indigenous Wayuu artisans and weavers.

When you purchase a product from Guacamaya Tribal Imports, you’re helping to create valuable jobs and also provide a sustainable income for the beautiful culture and hardworking people of La Guajira, Colombia!

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